In Belgium, more than 60,000 people are diagnosed with cancer each year. Across Europe, that figure tops 3.2 million annually. According to a recent European study, one in three of these patients have a survival rate of over 80%, but for one in four, the survival rate is only 30%. Innovative cancer research is thus of vital importance.

At KU Leuven’s Department of Oncology, 47 professors and 129 researchers conduct ground-breaking research and provide world-class cancer treatment. 64 professionals provide technical and administrative expertise. Cooperation with University Hospitals Leuven, the university’s network of research hospitals, and international oncology research groups is also essential. Professor Johan Swinnen leads the department.

These researchers are searching for new ways to stay one step ahead of cancer. They want to understand how individual tumours form and evolve and use this knowledge to develop more targeted, personalised treatments. An overview of the department's research groups can be found on the website.