€ 150.000
€ 240.000
Scientific Staff
€ 60.000


Our lab is next door to the hospital. We study cancer literally only steps away from where our patients are fighting it. And yet, all too often we cross the threshold too late. The researcher in us knows that we need more time. The physician in us realises that we don’t have it. 

How can we close the gap between the two? 

By gaining knowledge faster and implementing it more quickly in clinical practice. Gaining knowledge happens through fundamental research. This work goes on in the background and does not always lead to the desired result. It requires persistence of its researchers. And it costs a good deal of money. In a time where everyone is out for instant, observable results, it is sometimes difficult to demonstrate the importance of fundamental research. But without innovative research, there are no new therapies. 

This is where you can make a difference. 

Contributing to fundamental research requires courage on your part. Courage because you are investing in a path of discovery, its destination unknown both to you and to us. We ask for your long-term trust. You are contributing to an acceleration that will ultimately allow us to span the distance from the lab to our patients all the faster. Our goal: to reach them in time. Your financial support is literally of vital importance to this. 

With your help, we will continue fighting cancer. For this, we give you our sincerest gratitude.

Prof Dr Johan Swinnen, Chairman of the Fund
Prof Dr Frédéric Amant, Vice Chairman of the Fund